These rules had undoubtedly the effect of checking the great expansion of education that would have taken place. Nagaland has tremendous scopes for small scale and the agro-based industries, which also provides ample opportunities for employment for the local youths, both directly and indirectly. Folk-lore is considered to be a identification index of the background of the Phom people. Every family lived in the village on its own right, possessed house, built on its own land. The other caste Shudras , were more of working class and they were trained on skills to carry out these jobs. The Khasis have also been involved in extracting iron ore and then manufacture domestic knives, utensils and even guns and other warfare weapons using it. Illegal demand in the educational field and institutional corruptions.

It is largely a mountainous state. Indigenous knowledge is getting extinct with the adoption of modernity. A section of individuals are found to take keen interest in studying theology courses. They received education and play very active part in all developmental activities of the community. The head of the dormitory Sier Upa consisted of two members selected amongst the senior members of the village council.

Development is witnessed in a number of areas. After the formation of Longleng District, the college is upgraded to Government College and Honours course being introduced for certain subjects. Nagaland has tremendous scopes for small scale and the agro-based industries, which also provides ample opportunities for employment for the local youths, britisehrs directly and indirectly.

During Mughal period and British period a number of serious mistakes took place all over India, Nagaland is no exception. As time progressed, due to superiority complexes, the education was imparted studt the basis of caste and the related duties that one had to perform as a member of a specific caste.


Islamic Education ngaland ingrained with the establishment of the Islamic empires in the Indian subcontinent in the Middle Ages while the coming of the Europeans later brought western education to colonial India.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent

The people are very enthusiastic and energetic either in dance, music and drama. Collection of state revenue is not satisfactory which is weakening the state fund. But educatioh process of farming is not up to the mark.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

The origin of the dormitory is obscure. The entry level in the dormitory is at the age of six or seven and need to remain there till he married and set up his own independent house. Total literate in Longleng district found to be 30, of which male and female were 16, and 13, respectively.

Modern education ushered in lately. For example, the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are very rich in the areas of traditional knowledge and practices related nature and the universe. Social condition of Phom community Sample survey conducted solely on Phom community reveals the following facts. A boy earn freedom from firewood-gathering duties and gains admission to the Zawlbuk as soon as he can prove that his public hair has grown and is long enough to tie around a smoking pipe.

In Nagaland mass public in some selected areas are overpowered by politicians in almost every aspect due to which the development depends on the political will. Early modern period — Mughal Empire. Singh Chib, Sukhdev These communities are considered by other tribes a really segregated and isolated group of people right from the beginning of their nomadic period.

A fireplace, which burnt round the clock, occupied the centre of the dormitory hall, while there was a raised bunk to sleep on spreading from the far end through the whole breadth of the room. Doming of clothes, basket and mat weaving, etc. This is so because of water problem. Following are some of the remarkable changes brought in among the phom community after Independence of India through education.


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From the hygienic point of view one of the major concerns is with regard to latrine which is kutcha in majority of the houses. However, when the Second World War began political sentiment shifted toward demands for a Muslim separatist movement. All banks are supporting rural development by various plans and programmes. Though there are major natural water sources, pipe water supply is not available adequately. For Example, Tuensang Civil Hospital is not equipped with a proper x-Ray machine, ultra sound and scanning machine.

It is surprising to note that Nagaland State Legislative Assembly has been functioned and that present functioning without opposition for third time. Morung is found among Ao, Lotha, Koyak and the Phom tribes. Morung system of learning being transformed to modern system of education since Christianity and Hinduism are generally observed by people of the third group. The property gets transferred to the women in the house.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

In 21 universities and colleges were in operation. Technological adaptation demands highly skilled human resources.

Bath is taken by all of them but not regularly, similarly clothes are washed but the frequency varies.