Everything in her world is either black or white- after her ordeal she learns that there is a lot in between. It seems to be the first time in her life that she really feels guilty about something and realizes that she herself has commited a sin. That she is unaccessible to him is what constitues his attraction to her. For him nothing is sacred. But then in the progression of the play she is being tested on her goodness.

At the ends of the 19th century, adultery was one of the worst crimes a woman could commit. Everything in her world is either black or white- after her ordeal she learns that there is a lot in between. To her Mrs Erlynne is the enemy and only when Mrs Erlynne saves her from disgrace she is ready to change this opinion. She does not spent a single thought on her child. What society accepts as good is good, and what society takes for bad must be bad.

Stuttgart,I. This -of course- does not preclude that he loves her but it certainly underemines the set gender roles of the time and excuses Lady Windermere in a sense for her naivty and lack of tolerance towards people of different moral understanding from her own. So pleased to find nothing has altered! The plays can be understood as satires on the morals of Victorian society in which he lived. questuons

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She was well born she had position —she lost edsay threw it away if you like. All her life she has been spoon-fed – first by her sister and later by her husband.


lady windermeres fan essay questions

Her decision to go to him is nothing but a compromise and this again is a massive violation of her own principles. One can always find them. She has never been in a need to question any of her beliefs because she has never been in a situation that required it.

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Walkley wrote in a critic about the play: Can she be an exception of her own rules without breaking them? Before that Lady Windermere lived in a protecting shell which did not let anything bad come near her.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

Queztions Winderemeres decide to forget about the troubles of the last twenty-four hours and to go on with their perfect little married-life as before. Mrs Erlynne on the contrary is not interested in morals. She feels how much she is in her debt. The play ends in supposedly harmony. Today this time is known as the Victorian era. Lady Windermere will never get to know the truth about her mother and her mother succeeds in her plan to reenter society.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

These stiff doctrines which help her to understand life have never been testing for her before her twenty-first birthday. Child, you and she belong to different worlds. Would a woman nowadays not act likewise when she was to suspect her husband of infidelity?

He is the exact opposite of her. Anglistik – Literatur Banned Books: The initial question of this work is whether Lady Windermere, the main and name-giving character of the play, fails widnermeres meet her own moral standards on account of her actions throughtout the play.


I am glade of it. He himself negated to have any interest in moralizing through his works. Puritans believed in self-determination, that each has the ability to do good.

There is the same world for all of us, and good and evil, sin and innocence, go through it hand in hand. Publish now – it’s free. Lady Windermere might have a very simple concept of good and bad. He did not hesitate to borrow and transform material from other plays for his work and to him as a master of language the plot of a play was far less important than its language.

Only because of the appearance of Mrs Erlynne it becomes necessary for her to question her own moral standards and only because of her she sees herself confronted with a situation that probably would never have occured otherwise in her life.

She wants to get back into society, and she wants you to help her. Lord Darlington who offers her his friendship is simply used as the only way out she sees at that moment. At the beginning a concise compendium on the Victiorian society in which Esay lived is lqdy.

At the ends of the 19th century, adultery was one of the worst crimes a woman could commit. They were modern value critique on a society that was highly self-rightous and hypocritical.