As the learn to name family members and rooms children More information. Flap your arms like a bird. It is very important to respect time and be punctual. This unit focuses on sequencing. At the same time, it is a time to revise the work done in the previous months.

You could put on a coat and hat. Intellectual Wellness Intellectual wellness means finding what you are good at or what you have an interest in and then learning those new skills. The declamation was held for the senior classes. More than half the world’s animal and plant species live in water. There are many ways to help develop these skills that are. How to help your child at home On the following pages, there are some useful suggestions for parents to make maths learning fun. Literacy Matters Advice for parents.

We can worship God. It eats fish for energy.

holidays homework of dav public school pakhowal road ludhiana

The children will need to wear a coat with a hood so we can still go outside if the rain is not too heavy. Holidays work must be done in a very neat and presentable manner. Bugs Legacy 1 – Draw a bug poster.


Arbor Day falls on the last Friday in April in Iowa. Short Comprehension The candidate is expected to demonstrate the ability to understand the passage around 50 words and answer the questions. Click your photograph selfie while doing this activity and homewori it in scrap book.


Write silly sentences using More information.

Successive governments in Punjab today virtually ludhiaan themselves in an embarrassing position during the hearing of a petition on smooth take-off of the Chandigarh international airport after a visibly concerned IAF told the Punjab and Haryana High Court that 31 meetings sinceincluding one with a CM, had made little difference. Refer Activity sheet no.

Holiday homework exhibition

Cover Sheet For the Presenter Cover Sheet For the Presenter The following storyhour program is designed for preschoolers primarily 3- and 4- year olds. Watch educational More information. The students were judged on the basis of voice skills, presentation, dramatic homewok, pronunciation and rhythm.

The bird is living. Studies of Society Place and Space Features of places.

Where even the littlest cubs can. With a partner, discuss what you think each one means. Questions Summer Lushiana Quiz Bowl 1. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

holidays homework of dav public school pakhowal road ludhiana

Then trace over each word three times. In holidayx first Welcome unit, children meet the book s main characters. Read books with appealing pictures that match their age and interests.



These extension Unit 5 This unit focuses on sequencing. Fine Motor Fun for Year Olds Fine motor skills are the grasping and manipulating of objects your child does, in coordination with their eyes. Here are some more suggestions that we feel will make your vacation more enjoyable: Have a cozy More information.

US man put plane on autopilot to have sex with year-old girl, faces jail 22 May 9: Congmen turn heat on Sidhu 22 May 7: We know that children are full of. Each house comprised six students. You must have started making plans to visit your grandparents, relatives.

holidays homework of dav public school pakhowal road ludhiana

Pictures or stuffed animals of different animals Lesson Sequence: Set 1 The people Write it down By the water Who will make it?

We are going to take up certain responsibilities and also enjoy our holidays with our.