The infant is admitted to the unit with tetrology of falot. The nurse should explain that a sponge bath is recommended for the first 2 weeks of life because:. I’ll report it to the charge nurse. Home Books Pathophysiology of Disease: The physician has prescribed rantidine Zantac for a client with erosive gastritis. The nurse’s assessment of this data is:.

A client with frequent urinary tract infections asks the nurse how she can prevent the reoccurrence. The nurse is checking the client’s central venous pressure. What action should the RN take? Duration is measured by timing from the peak of one contraction to the end of the same contraction. How asthma is treated. Which of the following instructions should be included in the nurse’s teaching regarding oral contraceptives?

In patients with type I osteogenesis imperfecta, the fracture incidence decreases after puberty and the main features in adult life are mild short stature, conductive hearing loss, and occasionally dentinogenesis imperfecta defective dentin formation in fase development. The nurse instructs the client to place her arms loosely at her side as the nurse strikes the muscle insert just above the wrist.

The client asks the nurse about the analysis. Cataracts result in opacity of the crystalline lens.

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The client should be told to avoid:. The nurse is planning care based on assessment of the client. Her pulse is 52, there is a weight gain of 30 pounds in 4 months, and the client is wearing two sweaters.


Biology Forums – Study Force is the leading provider of online homework help for college and high school students. Because jaundice is often a clinical manifestation of this type of anemia, what body part would be the best indicator?

As a result of her actions, the baby suffers permanent heart and brain damage.

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The client is having an arteriogram. A client with sickle cell anemia is admitted to the labor and delivery unit during the first phase of labor.

Which nursing intervention is most critical during the administration of acyclovir? Richardson asks the RN what her room number is, stating she needs to lt her daughter know where she is. Total Parenteral Nutrition is a high-glucose solution that often elevates the blood glucose levels.

hesi case study cervical cancer answers

The 5-year-old is being tested for enterobiasis pinworms. The nurse is assisting the physician with removal of a central venous catheter. The rationale for administering leucovorin calcium to a client receiving Methotrexate is to:. The nurse should tell the client that:. The nurse cervival aware that the most likely cause for the deduction of one point is:.

Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for further teaching?

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You can ask any homework question and get expert homework help in as little as two hours. The following graph is noted on the monitor. Which is the best method to use for determining early ascites? Which of the following drug orders should the nurse question?


Which of the following interventions would be of highest priority for this client? The client is admitted to the unit. Which action should the nurse take at this time? Lack of some function inside the reduce limbs — might have the capacity to wander with leg braces, little Charge of bladder and bowels.

When are they going to bring breakfast? The nurse should advise the client to refrain from drinking after:.

hesi case study cervical cancer answers

Which answwers the following would the nurse include in the physical assessment? A client who is admitted with an above-the-knee amputation tells the nurse that his foot hurts and itches. A client is admitted to the unit 2 hours after an explosion causes burns to the face. A 4-month-old is brought to the well-baby clinic for immunization. RN asks pt to close her eyes.