Views sought on new vision for nursing. Thank you very much , I have printed off the Compassion in Practice and will use to source my essay Click here to ask a question about this article. Reddihough et al, indicated that those with CP have lower educational level, higher unemployment, are more likely to be living with parents, be single, and have limited financial resources. The 6Cs should be seen as anchor points with which to cross-check the work we do and the initiatives and policies we develop and to ensure they are aligned to those values and behaviours we all recognise and hold dear but that modern life sometimes means we can take our eye off. I believe that my being sympathetic will enable me to develop care and compassion two of the 6 Cs more easily.

One of these recommendations were that nurses, midwives and care staff, as well as stakeholders at national and organisational level, implement plans to support the delivery of the values and behaviours of the 6Cs defined as care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment Department of Health, Thank you so much for your rapid and supportive response. Challenges caused by CP are not limited to childhood and, in fact, challeneges in adulthood are unavoidable. My important learning in this aspect is that these values are linked to ethical and moral code governing the care practice Kelly and Tazbir, This is also by looking at their ultimate recuperation as a foremost goal, including their mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. Comment by rtunmore posted on on 10 December

The MDT must communicate effectively, be decisive and courageous in their decisions and offer informative and honest advice to families involved in the car fo any child or adult suffering from the disease.

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In the field where I am currently engaged, the evidence-based practice allows me to carry out my profession to promote and deliver care, utilising the supportive backdrop of theory and practice. Comment by Cyril posted on on 16 September Hi Viv, What would you say about the opinion that the 6 Cs are natural attributes nursimg those drawn to exsay work, and that to remind nurses of them in an official statement could be seen as an insult? Health care professionals involved in adult services should involve; rehabilitation physicians, orthopedists and physiotherapists with eesay goal of helping the adult maintain mobility and independence or become involved in leisure activities or sports.


Secondly, those staff who are guilty of complacency and having poor attitudes are presumably less likely to speedily adopt any new mentality encouraged in a top-down initiative.

However, once children reach the age of eighteen, no-one else can make decisions on their behalf. There are also threats that may hinder the application of the 6 Cs in my health practice. Comment by Colette O’Kane posted on on 13 December For your information the NHS Leadership Academy is in the process of designing a nurse and midwifery leadership development programme.

This will in turn ensure that the patient is given the best quality of care, support, advice and guidance to facilitate them to achieve their full potential throughout their lifetime from sesay to end. I would like to note that compassion is a concept that ewsay be objectively measured.

Kind regards Dee Link to this comment Reply. It is through this work that we hope to make an impact in the areas you raise and through the support of experienced nurses and midwives who can call upon the values and behaviours that attracted them into the profession to guide and influence their colleagues. The conversation highlighted some great thinking and practice. Commitment is needed from the MDT to help the family through this transition period and to offer advice on such things as where to go for further assistance.

For me, the most important features of learning within the module are the inculcation of evidence-based practice of care through communities of learning, and the positive contribution that healthcare-related lifelong learning can extend to an empowering and person-centred care.

As a nurse in Canada I’m looking forward to hearing about how your work is going and what directions the NHS takes.

Welcome to my first blog! – Viv Bennett

My ability to recognise accountability, on the other hand, will motivate me to pursue my goals as a health care provider with careful implementation of the care practice so that the care user will receive the most adequate level of necessary care Barrick, As the child develops and starts school, daily activities such as bathing and toileting may become more cumbersome.

Commitment and courage are essential when approaching diagnosis, as healthcare professionals need to be able to inform those involved about the diagnosis in a way, which is professional and informative NMC, It is nudsing combination of people and beliefs that will ultimately enable the correct care, compassion, commitment, competence, communication and courage to be implemented at every stage of life for a person with CP.


Safe and effective care, on the other hand, is the goal of the care user.

essay on 6cs of nursing

These concepts are interlinked and cannot be done without, and dismemberment of any will result in flawed care implementation. I agree with anniecoops – this is great to see nursing leaders sharing what they are working on.

essay on 6cs of nursing

Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Since these are the people whose care really needs to be addressed, how will the 6 Cs move be effective?

Care should be employed during adult life to enable the patient to achieve their potential in respect of employment, societal expectations, independence, maximising their wellbeing and improving their health outcomes NMC, Adults with CP are inclined to participate in activity, physical therapy and fitness programs less so.

Comment by rtunmore posted on on 10 December Comment by Patrick Keady posted on on 29 September Thank you Viv for starting the blog – it will be of interest to Nurses, and everyone interested in improving the quality of health services. In the work which CNO and I jointly developed, we asked many nurses, midwives and care and support workers to describe key attributes of excellence in care.

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essay on 6cs of nursing