At the outbreak of the Indian rebellion, on May 10, , Sir Syed was serving as the chief assessment officer at the court in Bijnor. We write essays, articles, research papers, dissertations, essay writing service and more. Iqbal’s father, Sheikh Noor Muhammad died , was a tailor, not formally educated, but a religious man. Articles containing Urdu-language text Infobox person using alma mater Articles with hCards. He retired in Sir Syed was also adept at swimming, wrestling and other sports.

Retrieved 6 August Encyclopaedic dictionary of Urdu literature 2 Vols. For other people named Muhammad Iqbal, see Muhammad Iqbal disambiguation. I had twenty-five years ago seen through the drawbacks of this civilization and therefore, had made some prophecies. The poetry and philosophy of Mawlana Rumi bore the deepest influence on Iqbal’s mind. For hours he would not utter a word to friends who visited him. He put forward this idea again in his famous Allahabad Address of Muslim League, in , [2] and also preached this in his poems and lectures.

In his poetry, apart from independence ideologies, he also explores concepts of creatuve to Allah and following the path of Prophet Muhammad. Nashriyat, pp. Inhe was appointed to a high-ranking post at the court in Muradabad, where he began working on his most famous literary work. He further stated that. Iqbal expressed fears that not only would secularism weaken the spiritual foundations of Islam and Muslim society, but that India’s Hindu -majority population would crowd lalama Muslim heritage, culture and political influence.

He also kept writing along his job. Philosophers by century CE. Retrieved 4 March To guard against this danger he carried on a nation-wide campaign to warn his coreligionists of the perils of their position, and he converted the Muslim League into a powerful instrument for unifying the Muslims into a nation.


Here as in other books, Iqbal insists on remembering the past, doing well in the present and preparing for the future, while emphasising love, enthusiasm and energy to fulfil the ideal life. Arnold’s teachings convinced Iqbal to pursue higher education in the West, and inhe travelled to England for that purpose. When the failure of the Non-co-operation Movement and the emergence of Hindu revivalist movements led to antagonism and riots between the Hindus and Muslims, the league gradually began to come into its own.

But, now I think that separate national identity for the Muslims and the Hindus is necessary for their survival.

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Iqbal is seen sitting on the extreme right in the first row Jinnah had originally been dubious about the practicability of Pakistan, an idea that Sir Muhammad Iqbal had propounded to the Muslim League conference of ; but before long he became convinced that a Muslim homeland on the Indian subcontinent was the only way of safeguarding Muslim interests and the Muslim way of life.

After that, he became allamma assistant Economist in the office of the commissioner of Agra. Only inwhen authoritatively assured that the league was as devoted as the Congress to the political emancipation of India, did Jinnah join the league.

However, he soon gave it up without completing the full course. He is called the “Spiritual Father of Pakistan.

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It was, therefore, with a sense uqbal supreme satisfaction at the fulfillment of his mission that Jinnah told the nation in his last message on 14 August, Allama Iqbal is my hero.


He read the works of Muslim scholars and writers englisj as Sahbai, Rumi and Ghalib. History at your fingertips. Many generations of his family had since been highly connected with the Mughal administration. Iqbal was born at Sialkot, India now in Pakistanof a pious family of small merchants and was educated at Government College, Lahore.

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For him, a Muslim whether he belonged to any part of the world was the part of brotherly relation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He continued to be a firm believer in Hindu-Muslim unity and constitutional methods for the achievement of political ends.

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Jinnah, however, had made up his mind to become a barrister. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? It was nearly 10 years later that he turned allams active politics. Please try again later. The poems emphasise the spirit and self from a religious, spiritual perspective. He expired the same evening in the house of Haji Ismail Khan, where he had been shifted 10 or 12 days earlier.

creative writing on allama iqbal in english

He highly praised the work of Iqbal in Persian. Retrieved 7 January