These competitions are aimed at resuscitating the reading culture amongst the youths of the State as well as inculcating the carnival culture. A Handbook on Drama and Theatre. Among the activities this year is the Green Initiative which encompasses the Green Ball – a celebration of the Government’s efforts in combatting Climate Change, the Green Symposium which will bring major protagonists of the Climate Change cause globally together to discuss and educate the teeming populace and the 10, Tree Planting Project a. The Carnival, Calabar is composed of five competitive bands namely: Retrieved 13 March Just like carnival is an integral aspect of human life, culture too is the totality of human life and culture is seen in the eyes of carnival. The programme of the event is drafted each year by the committee in charge of tourism and cultural activities.

The Calabar Carnival Parade features 50, costumed revellers who perform in five major carnival bands and 10 non-competing bands. Imoke, has been growing from strength to strength as more school children are beginning to reckon with the annual event. Such decorations do animate life in consonance with the central theme for the year. The Festival includes the display of international and local musical artists, the Carnival, Calabar, boat regatta, fashion shows, Christmas village and traditional dance displays. Carnival, Calabar is today, one of the famous festivals in Africa. The competition of the carnival is the exciting and colorful, attracting carnivalcostumed revelers and calabar a million local and calabar competitions. The Carnival and Festivals in are taking a different shape.

Bachleitner, Richard, and Zins, Arnold. Implications for human right Protection.

calabar carnival essay competition

Sections of the costumed revelers create a calabar of colors and sparkle, along a 12km route accomplished by live competition, DJs, well-decorated floats and steel bands.

The data collected from the respondents were analyzed using the simple percentage.

New Encyclopedia Britannicareveals that carnival right from its origin has continued to unite the world. It has grown rapidly and has become the largest cultural attraction in Africa.

Wonders on Wheels occurs in the evening in Calabar Stadium and displays vintage cars 30 th December: The pre-event brochure, 29 further states that the carnival performance displayed today is as a result of the cumulative realization of band leaders and members adopting the drumming and singing style of the Africans in the Diaspora that was consistent with the village square band play form.


calabar carnival essay competition

It is the week that draws the most tourists. He was rewarded with a plaque, a desktop computer and a scholarship worth N70, This is reflected in the way the different bands artistically design and decorates their trucks in a quest to interpret the theme of the festival. Sports Week 19 th — 24 th December: In the same way, frustrating local population along streets for the purpose of entertaining the world is not necessary because the world can watch the carnival even from a reserved location on screen, after all, Olympic events and other major world tournaments are not conducted on the streets.

They have assured residents and tourists that adequate security measures are in place. Around 15, spectators fill up the stadium another 10, spectators surround the stadium and the event is broadcast to a television audience of over 50 million people! Highlights of the Nigerian Heritage. This an absolute highlight of carnival!

16-year-old girl wins Calabar carnival essay competition

Culture gives the people their identity. The Carnival parade terminates at the UJ Esuene Stadium which is the calabar end point of the competition for ‘Band of the Year’ in various carnivals. As a result of the entire cultural spectacle imbedded in the festival, the event is now being regarded as a tool to develop new forms of looking at the world and its cultures, and a tool for cultural advancement. At the carnival, visitors can attend fashion shows, food demonstrations, cultural exhibits, talent shows, competjtion concerts, funfairs, carol services, parades and picnics.

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Journal of Ministry of Finance. Bachleitner and Zinsbroaden the definition by saying that culture is a medium evolved by humans to survive.

The parade marches through many city streets in Calabar. These displays however, are not only drawn from the host state alone, but cut across the different states of the Nigerian federation and indeed Africa as a whole. Carnival Calabar preview35declares that carnival is an art, carnlval as an art, it offers as all dynamic arts, the tool as self expression and exploration which helps capabar go out in search for our roots which is our cultural heritage, and this ultimately, helps us celebrate what make us different from the rest of the peoples of the world.


The Five Bands of Calabar Calabar Carnival has five major competing bands that each comprise of about 10, participants. Carnival, Calabar is part of the annual Christmas festival promoted by the government and people of Cross River State in Nigeria.

It started inwhen the governor of Cross River StateMr Donald Duke essa, had a vision of cslabar the state a hub for tourism and hospitality in Nigeria and Africa. This is designed to resuscitate the carnival culture amongst the youths of the statecontemporary issues of global concerns, children Christmas Camp, Theatre performances, vocational trainings for youth, Fashion and Food Fairs, a weekend at the Obudu Ranch Resort to celebrate Africa, and so many other side attractions.

He wanted to create a carnival that would heavily showcase the local heritage and the Calabar Carnival was a wild succuss!

What is the history of Calabar Carnival? It also involves competitions which unlike the performing art are performed in the streets rather than in the theatre. Because Calabar Carnival takes in the month of December it also includes many Christmas festivities.

The king and aclabar queen both of the carnival, each wears glamorous costumes that interpret the calaabr theme of the event and set the tone for other outfits. Implications for Human Rights Protection in Nigeria.

calabar carnival essay competition

A man suffers, expressing his sufferings by groans and spasms, and this suffering transmits itself to other people; a man expresses his feeling of admiration, devotion, fear, respect, or love to the same objects, persons, and phenomena.