What a strange name. An old DKW motorbike with a sputtering exhaust pipe slid toward our school. He was already 15 years old, the same age as Bu Mus, but was a bit behind mentally. I want to know what you have been learning all this time. These seeds included his idea to lift heavy items from the bottom of the river, a plan for a strange building that defied the laws of architec- ture and civil engineering and, last but not least, a plan to make humans able to fly. On its trunk we carved our promise to be forever friends. Each house consisted of four separate structures:

She held herself high like the poised stem of that beautiful flower. All of them were connected by long, open terraces encircling a small pond. The rest of us were barely able to dictate mathemati- cal problems and he was already astute in dividing deci- mals, calculating roots and finding exponents—he could even fully explain their operational relationships in loga- rithmic tables. Moral lesson number one for me: All I could do was stand there like a statue and talk to myself.

Would he be able to de- feat them? Famous throughout the world for its tin, it was written in geography books as Belitong, Island butterflg Tin. The moments leading up to and during the vote count were tense. This man was sent by the department of health to spray for mos- quitoes with chemical gas. Some wept with choking sobs. Finish the Sentence 2 Fill in a compound word to finish the sentence. We even had ura- nium.


Our first lesson from Pak Harfan was about standing firmly with conviction and a strong desire to reach our dreams. Being class president was not a pleasant position. Im- mediately, PN coolies bustled about, emerging from every corner of the village to line up along the side of the road, jumping and jamming themselves into the backs of trucks which would bring them to the dredges.

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

On its protruding roots, we sat around listening to Bu Mus tell the story of Robin Hood. They sat prosperously on the highest throne in the most exclusive class.

Something isn’t quite right here …

He added yet another choice of his own: Then he sweetly read some verses of poems about white birds in Tanjong Kelayang Beach, as well as parodies about Malays who suddenly became rich. What a strange name. In the column for chalkboard and furniture he was forced to add a new choice: A green chalkboard displaying a sun with white rays hung crookedly from the flagpole. Nevertheless, he never missed a day of school.

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

The difference between this school and ours was like the difference between land and sky. He stared at us one by one. Bodenga and the incident of that evening created a blueprint of compassion and sadness homewokr my subconscious.


Then 83 twigs were added, and 39 were taken away. Lintang took a pencil from behind his ear, bit the end, and reached for the form.

Hour after hour, until evening, he kneaded coconut leftovers, causing his hands to develop an oily appearance that never went away. Bu Mus always rejected the absurd request.

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Whenever the thick white puffs arose like smoke signals, we cheered and shouted with joy. The only routine visitor was a man dressed like a ninja. Bu Mus then gave out forms for all of the parents to write their names, occupations and addresses.

The door frame was crooked. Or shoe- makers to mark the leather?

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

I then considered myself free of my caladium tuber oath. It was an important day: He pedaled 80 kilometers roundtrip every day.

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Sometimes, Mahar was positively ridiculous. All I could do was stand there like a statue and talk to myself. I only saw these new letters in Indonesian sentences every so often.

Unlike other fishermen, he spoke softly.