April 3, at May the National Peace Summit convened by President Aquino see this analysis and the lively discussions that will follow it as a constructive contribution to making BBL stronger. Everytime something is unconstitunional, if it is for the greater good then charter change is the only aswer. Cardinal Quevedo must be included in this type of dialogue. Who will be President is important but as long as it is not a crook the difference will be minor, while what happens to the Bangsamoro question is a make-or-break thing for the nation.

If the proposed bill is lacking, it can be addressed by pushing through with the debates on it. There shall be autonomous regions in Muslim Mindanao and the Cordilleras as hereinafter provided. Just recently, comments from Steve and taga bundok opened my eyes that our muslim brothers are just reacting and fighting from years of neglect and unfair treatments from the various governments. The Bangsamoro Government shall respect the exercise of the competencies and reserve powers of the Central Government. You want the negotiation to start on correct footing? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

But it would be a huge mistake to let a beast loose with no pen or tranquilizer darts available. Who do you think will fire the first shots? I agree that neither Christianity nor Islam are native religions. The Standard, 1 Apr. This study explains the complex rationale of the Muslim struggle, especially its internationalization. For rebel returnees allow them one year debriefing Not removing of under pants.


De Guzman, Sara Soliven.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

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Essay: My take on the constitutionality of Bangsamoro Basic Bill

Skip to main content. March 31, at 9: And thus forge a lasting peace built upon a rock. It has been front and center for three years.

Skip to content Note: The Moro women and children should also figure in this equation of peace.

We want to defeat the extremists, the moderates cry foul. Again, whoever wishes to look at this and summarize this is welcome to do arfumentative. Manny Pacquiao and Tim Tebow. Jeproks is still used in the Philippines? Argumenrative owns the land and other resources within this region…. My lawyer once surprised me — I had the contract already signed just a few inches from where I am now typing and he wrote me: Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”.

Can Sharia align with standards of Human Rights? Next issue is that there is an unfair budget allotment for the Bangsamoro government.

COMMENTARY: The content and intent of the Bangsamoro Basic Law | Opinion | GMA News Online

I do not have to come back, Babgsamoro will not if things go wrong again. But you need context to decide well. While vague, it can be interpreted as violative of the constitutional mandate that autonomous regions should still be under the Central Government, and as such, must still comply with its laws. He has been in the thick of literacy for both Christians and Moros. Saleeby was more knowledgeable about the easay, culture, and contemporary political culture of the separate Argumenntative peoples of the Philippines than any other colonial administrator during the US administration.


The Philippine Star, 24 Nov. Use the warrior spirit to our advantage but be careful. The whole idea of having a titular head is very typical for a Malaysian state, also the use of a very different kind of English than is usual for Filipino legal language.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

Jesus Friend to Terrorists: With a government under their arumentative control, there is no guarantee that this will change. April 3, at 5: Sharia courts are a part of this. Article VI Section 10 stipulates that the Bangsamoro Government may provide assistance to communities of Bangsamoro people living outside the territory of the Bangsamoro.