After uploading your file and providing the bibliographical data, please send a personally signed printout of the publication contract via email, post or fax to Doctoral thesis service Main Library. The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice or sound recordings. Downloadonline dissertation vg wort dissertation wort. Please omit these personal information like the birthplace in the version to be published. Image The document type Image is for visual representations. The descriptions of the document types were mostly taken from OPUS documentation and partly adapted Source: According to the recommendations of the German Science Council regarding the provision of digital information by university libraries, all FAU researchers are advised to reserve the right to self-archive on OPUS FAU when entering into publishing contracts and to additionally publish the documents they authored – possibly after a retention period – on the publication server.

Literature review doctoral dissertation statistics writing a narrative essay ap english. The document type Article includes documents that were published as articles, leading articles, editorials, indexes, directories or as part of the editorial section in a scientific journal or periodical. Other The document type Other is intended for any documents that do not fit any of the categories listed. Saving money and time The service is free of charge for you. Future papers cause essay on being ill analysis essay muet essay anmeldung dissertation vg wort.


This site uses cookies to enable the use of dynamic layout information: The German National Library performs the digital preservation of doctoral and postdoctoral theses. If your text has never been published anywhere before, please enter today’s date.

The production and dissemination of further reproductions is only permitted with the copyright holders express approval. Data can be deleted early at any time. OPUS currently supports e. You must hold the appropriate rights for the usage of CC licences, so dissertayion have to check if you have transferred exclusive rights e.


Issue The document type Issue stands for a complete issue of a journal in the conventional sense. The articles financed through the fund ‘Open Access Publishing’ will, for instance, be presented in a collection of their own. The user is personally responsible for the observation of legal regulations and may be held liable in case of violations. Please direct any general questions regarding Open Access to: If your work contains programmes, files, video sequences, audio documents or similar on a CD enclosure, they must be prepared for publication as a compressed zip file and uploaded as well.

Additional person s to those listed as author s or creator s. Focus on reduplication leiden: Register your publication at the collecting society Wort VG Wort. Submission of electronic documents for dissemination through the document server is usually carried out using an online veröffntlichung.

veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

A measure for self-concept? Backups are carried out on separate tapes.

The authors and editors shall bear all responsibility for the content of the documents. Bachelor’s thesis The document type Bachelor’s thesis is the lowest level of final paper. The document type Working paper stands for a preliminary scientific or technical paper published in a series by an institution also research paper, research memorandum, discussion paper.

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However, it is planned that all data will be made available for an unlimited period of time in co-operation with the German National Library. The metadata of the documents published on the publication server may be stored and made available to third parties by anyone, if necessary in accumulated or selected form.

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veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

Connect with the night pm 1st mondays. Your document will be published online immediately after a brief check by University Library staff and can be cited from then on. Final papers by FAU students such as Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, if publication is recommended by the supervisors or another member of teaching staff and if they were graded as ‘sehr gut’ excellent Proof of this shall be submitted by the author.

If you have no page count, you should enter the file size in KB or MB. You can use double quotation marks ” to carry out a phrase search. Further accepted file formats include: Veröffentljchung, URNs cannot be used directly in web browsers yet. This should be accomplished using standardised keywords, freely defined keywords and classification systems. The information provided by you and the full text are uploaded to OPUS temporary storage.