If you are planning to graduate within the semester in which you are submitting your Final Copy, the semester deadline supersedes your 60 day deadline, and you must follow the deadlines for that semester –even if your 60 day deadline comes after the stated semester deadline for submission of Final Copies. Metropolitan Museum of Art Fellowships. University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Phone: References are those works cited in the text, including traditional footnotes and parenthetical citations. For longer ETDs, one very large file can become cumbersome to work with. Young Library at University of Kentucky Libraries to have some yummy appetizers, hear remarks from graduate student leaders, and learn more about this exclusive space for University of Kentucky graduate students. Use a continuation notation for tables that exceed one page in length.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Writing Camp for this Summer. Strict file-naming requirements insure that hyperlinks will work. Choose “Initial View” from the left on the dialog box. Social Science Research Council Fellowships. Information you provide is kept confidential and is safeguarded in accordance with the Privacy Act of , as amended. Interested students can apply by completing the application on BBNvolved by Wednesday, March 20 at

Thesis & Dissertation Preparation

Do not abbreviate the word “figure. In any work, copyright implicitly devolves to the author of that work whether or not you so state. Final examinations may not be scheduled during the period between semesters or between the end of the eight-week summer session and the beginning of the fall semester.

If a student is not first author on a manuscript presenting the dissertation research, then written approval must be obtained from the Director of Graduate Studies for the work to be included in the dissertation. Please email completed form to grad. Students are ineligible for retroactive awards and will forfeit their eligibility if they are not nominated within this timeframe.


A 1-inch margin is required on the top, bottom and right sides of all pages of the dissertation; a 1. The bottom line on the last page of each chapter is a possibility for such placement.

We look forward to celebrating or commiserating with you! These data serve policymakers at the federal, state, local and university levels.

Electronic Dissertation Defense | Graduate School

Do not finalize a defense date with your committee before the outside examiner has been identified and has been consulted for their availability. In Acrobat, the default is to have no security restrictions, so you should not have to do anything.

Here is a reminder of how grad students are changing the world everyday! Dissertatino numerals must be used for the acknowledgment page and all pages following until the first page of the text. Use the “Link” tool to draw a box around the text you want to link. Sections of this page. The Doctor of Musical Arts degree requires the completion of a project. The specific order of the pages is as follow.

University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Phone: Fonts can be embedded when you convert from Word to PDF:. Therefore, the Graduate School sets criteria and standards for the format of the written work which ehhancement be available not only to the immediate enhancemebt, but also to a wider scholarly community via the Web.

You must plan ahead if you know you will require a Degree Certification Letter. Interested students can apply by completing the application on BBNvolved by Wednesday, March 20 at In certain circumstances, the dissertation may contain information of a proprietary nature.


uky dissertation enhancement

It’s not too late to sign up for the Writing Camp for this Summer. It will be from 3: Thank you for sharing your talents, philosophies, and passion with us and your University of Kentucky students everyday! Because of the dissertatioj visibility of an ETD we recommend that you place this copyright statement at several unobtrusive places in the body of the dissertation.

Brookings Institute Research Fellowships. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowships.

Student Forms

The abstract must be single-spaced. The vita can be compiled in a list or paragraph format and should be restricted to the following information: It could take two to three business days for the corrections to be sent to you depending on the time of year and the number of documents on which the office is currently working.

uky dissertation enhancement

April 30 at 1: Use one consistent method throughout the dissertation. Choose “Fill” color to change the color. Therefore, each author should take care to proof for spelling and format, as well as the inclusion of all components, before bringing the dissertation to the Graduate School for final submission.