Journal of Biological Chemistry In preparation Study on Acacia Nilotica as a feed stock for energy production in a gasifier – engine system. Application of biogas for brooding and incubation in poultry industries. Scholars have to complete the first three trimesters with CGPA of 8. D thesis with one year of course work. Santhanakrishnan and Xinmin Zhan. Effect of insecticides on the soil population and respiratory activity of microorganisms.

Energy recovery from agricultural byproducts. Study on physico-chemical properties and anaerobic fermentation dynamics of Ipomoca tistulosa in a batch reactor. Mutualistic association of Beggiatoa spp. Eco friendly fuel production from polluted sago industrial waste water through hybrid high rate reactor. TNAU has its own system of Entrance examinations.

Novel Delignification process for biomass deconstruction of woody biomass and corn cob under filing II.

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Gainesville, FL Web Page: Patents 01 US 02 India ii. Tech in Horticulture is merit based. Following scholarships are offered to the meritorious students applying for Ph. Biomethanation of sewage waste water using upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor.


tnau thesis list

Reuter, Sivakumar Uthandi, Jose A. Ligninolytic actinomycetes; isolation, screening and laccase enzyme production. Detection of plasmid in ligninolytic Streptomyces sp. Requests thereafter will lkst be considered.

Performance analysis of down draft gasifier coupled with power generation system for selected wood species.

tnau thesis list

Iniya Kumar and Sivakumar Uthandi. Self-instructional manual is provided by distance centre after receipt of the fees.

You will receive user ID and passowrd on your registered email and mobile phone. D in Hotel Management M. Association of Microbiologists of India — Life Member.

Log in with Facebook. Design and Development of gasifier for steam generation used for small agro industries. Arunkumar and Sivakumar Uthandi.

No Course Taught Credit hours. Thesjs I want to join B. Development of efficient strains of Rhizobia for Horse gram In: Indo-Russia Joint project Indo-Russia INR 10, User Facts: The minimum eligibility for the B.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – [TNAU]-, Coimbatore – Admission Details 2019

Design and Development of high rate hybrid reactor for treating sewage waste water. Microbial pigments for food industries.


The students who are shortlisted are further called for the group discussion liat. Eco friendly fuel production from polluted sago industrial waste water through hybrid high rate reactor. Name of the student. INR 10, M.

Green, Sivakumar Uthandi and Jamie S. Kallupatti village of Madurai district. Fanucci and Julie A. Isolation and identification of efficient Azospirillum strains of ragi grown in northwestern zone of Tamil Nadu. Study of pilot plant ethanol production from selected sugary biomass viz.