Main entrance at Purana Qila. The recessed surface of the arch, through which there is an opening, is beautifully decorated with inlay of marble and other stones and contains a small oriel window at its apex. Reflections of Bygone Era more They are replete with detailing, including ornate overhanging balconies, or jharokhas , and are topped by pillared pavilions chhatris , all features that are reminiscent of Rajasthani architecture as seen in the North and South Gates, and which were amply repeated in future Mughal architecture. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Purana Qila. The red building is a lone figure and still bears a sad and forlorn look. Hindon Airport Noida Airport. He fell headlong down the stairs and died of his injuries two days later. Main entrance at Purana Qila.

But shorr, the Old Fort did not bear the name of its creator unlike the other emperors erecting such structure. Old Fort Purana Qila Ramparts and lake.

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Sher Shah reigned here for 5 years until his death in But once again as Humayun recaptured his city from Sher Shah’s son he took the task of essqy the city and rebuilding its old glory. There are some other monuments which I was not able to capture so I am planing to visit Purana Qila once again so that I can capture those left monuments. Gingee Bangalore Udayagiri Vellore.


During the second world war, there was a camp of nearly 3, Japanese civilians from across British-ruled Asia. Purana Qila is one of the oldest Forts in India. It could have been the only source. He fell headlong down the stairs and shortt of his injuries two days later. Delhi – City Guide. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. At the time, Lal had embarked on a mission to excavate various sites mentioned in the Mahabharata text and had found such traces as a common feature at all those sites.

When Sher Shah defeated Humayun most of the structures inside the old fort were demolished and was renamed as. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Purana Qila and the lake in front.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The Sher Mandal is now an observatory, octagonal in shape.

Purana Qila

South Gate, as seen from adjacent Delhi Zoo. The original plans of building the entire place with marble was jeopardized due to supply shortage. Tripura Sundari Temple Damboor Lake: Inside, there are remnants of the decorative plaster-work and traces of stone-shelving purwna, presumably, the emperor’s books were placed. The old stones are dark with age.

Delhi’s 16th-century Purana Qila fort: a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 4

Stair — cases lead to a narrow gallery on the second storey from both the ends in the hall. Several other monuments lie around the complex, like Kairul Manzil, mosque built by Maham AngaAkbar ‘s foster-mother, and which was later used as a madarsa.


It was fun visiting Purana Qila. The Archaeological Survey of India embarked on several digs in the Purana Qilabut they have not been successful.

Mahim Bhadra Surat Castle. But, his second stint, as is popularly held, was cut short owing to his demise by tripping from the steps of Sher Mandal. The wide open spaces syort lush laws just invite you to sprawl and spare a little time. Published by Eicher Goodearth Limited, I am new to this blogging world and your words are really motivating. West Gate, ‘Bara Darwaza’, present main Entrance, with its bastion.

It was built by Sher Shah in From the road one can see the Fort standing on a small rise with the lake in front. You are commenting using your Google account.

short essay on purana qila