I have done the video essay. Applications for September are now open. Customized for You we will pick new questions that match your level based on your Timer History. Submit a Free Profile Evaluation Request. This is discussed below:

Your response to the first question What are the two accomplishments or endeavours outside the classroom that you are most proud of and why? Last year the average entry average was We noticed you are actually not timing your practice. The following information is meant to provide you with a general overview of what you will need to prepare and to give you a sense of what the process will be like. Admissions decisions may be made as late as May

This new component promises to be a tremendous opportunity to differentiate yourself and thus it is absolutely crucial to be well prepared.

Video Essay : Rotman (Toronto)

This essay is a maximum of characters and has no time limit. The answers should be applicatuon minutes, but students have an hour to record and upload the video. Leadership in Admissions Awesome, this is short, but it is so strong.

It is important to check your email regularly for communication regarding your application. Thank you for using the timer! I’ll try it now.


rotman commerce supplemental application essay questions

The requirements are as follows:. I also think I should talk about my vision for the future, but I’m having trouble with the supplemenal count.

University of Toronto, Commerce Supplementary Essay

Which Course is right for you? The feeling of connectedness between us – it was amazing, a beautiful feeling of contentment that was hardly describable.

Thank you for your patience during this process.

Display posts from previous: Make sure you consider this when planning out your high school career. I also think you should add commefce more sentence to that intro paragraph so that it will end with a thesis sentence that expresses the main idea of the whole essay.

rotman commerce supplemental application essay questions

It is not necessary here to tell the reader what kind of experience started your volunteer experience. I will be an active participant, taking initiative in achieving my ideals. There are many benefits to timing supplemenral practiceincluding: If you have only words to use, I think you used them quite well!

Supplemental Application

If you have met the above mentioned requirements, suppllemental you can continue with your degree. May 23 Leadership in Admissions Go to My Error Log Learn more.


After you have completed your practice questions, you will have one chance to do your Supplemental Application. Print view First unread post.

rotman commerce supplemental application essay questions

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We noticed you are actually not timing your practice. Resources Live Decision Tracker. Admitted – Which School to Choose? This is discussed below:. Aside from the entry requirements and the grades, the supplementary application is the most important part esssay your application. I guess you need to practice a lot since talking to the computer or handphone is not something natural to a lot of ppl including me.

Admissions decisions may be made as late as May