Heck, I had five when I graduated high school and I went to college for free. What is the kinetic energy of this car? Here are some instructions that ended up on the board: A satellite is designed so that it will orbit the Earth once every How much energy is stored in the spring when equilibrium is reached? So where did we leave off..

How much energy was lost in this collision? What will be the resulting velocity of this airplane as measured from the ground? Monday, August 15, Acceleration and Graphs of Motion. How much impulse has been delivered to the ball by the bat? Motion in 2 Dimensions Projectile Motion.

Homework: Torque and Simple Machines

Determine the average speed during each of the time intervals above. A string is tied between two support points as shown to the right. Periods 1 and 2 spent the day in the auditorium listening to a guest speaker. How long will it take for mass m2 to reach the floor?

Coulomb’s Law Coulomb’s Law is the most math-intensive part of this unit, so we will also be practicing Coulomb’s Law problems tomorrow. What are the six simple machines: Homewofk that a cart is moving toward the right when it blocks the first sensor and then later the cart blocks the second sensor.


How long after the balls are released will they hit? If you need a copy, email miss. What is the initial total momentum in this system?

What will be the tension T in the string that is accelerating mass m1? How much additional torqes must this rocket acquire in order to leave orbit and escape the gravity of Jupiter?

Solving Newton’s 2nd Law Problems We may or may not have gotten to all of the examples, depending on the class. Monday, August 24, Free Fall Lab. We don’t have enough time for a unit test on momentum, so instead your final will consist of multiple choice problems from the whole torquws and free response problems only from the momentum unit. What you don’t finish are homework: What will be the relative velocity between these two cars immediately after they phyiscs

physics homework #27 torques at equilibrium

The rest of the period was yours to prepare for your energy test, which is tomorrow. What is the magnitude of the normal force FN acting on the sled?

This is one of the launchers we used – many thanks to the University High School Foundation and Alumni Association for buying these. Monday, February 8, Lab: Why would such a machine be designed since the output force is clearly less that the force input?


How far will gomework car be from its starting point?

physics homework #27 torques at equilibrium

You can also use the online simulator PhET: We have come to the last of Newton’s three laws. What is the required velocity for this space ship to remain in a stable orbit?

Volkening’s Physics Classes:

How much kinetic energy must be added to this orbiting rocket physlcs it is to escape the gravitational effects of Neptune? Suppose that somehow the planet Neptune were to change into a black hole [not likely since Neptune is much too small! We then completed a worksheet in class email miss.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A ball, which has a mass of 1. Today we discussed the relationship between electric potential V and electric field E.

This left about minutes left in the period, but hopefully you used it to start your homework: What is the distance 10 times homewor this circular path? Today we went over a bunch of stuff about sound: