Structure of nerve, neuron and properties of nerve fibers. The dissertation should not be just a repetition of a previously undertaken study and should try to explore some new aspects. Fiber post systems Contemporary Orthodontics — Proffit W R General Pharmacology – Introduction, routes of drug administration.

The value of computer based systems in biomedical equipment. Traumatic reactive lesions of oral cavity. Able to diagnose and treat appropriately. The topics should be assigned to the student well in advance to facilitate in depth study. Management of medically compromised patients with hematologic Disease. Collectively, log books are a tool for the evaluation of the training programme of the institution by external agencies.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Fixed ntruh appliances – Herbst appliance, Jasper jumper etc – 5 cases. Applied physiology, clinical abnormalities of coagulation, extra vascular haemorrhage, and haemorrhagic lesions, management, secondary haemorrhage, shock.

Structure of salivary glands, saliva composition, regulation of secretion of saliva, functions of saliva, mastication, deglutition.

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Qualification and experience for examiners 1. Principles of extraction, indications and contraindications, types of extractions, complications and their management, principles of elevators and elevators used in oral surgery.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

The assessment should include the candidate’s sincerity and punctuality, analytical ability and communication skills see Model Checklist 3, Section IV. Methods of testing biocompatibility of materials used.


Develop communication skills to bring awareness regarding periodontal disease. Impression procedures used for indirect restorations.

Spread of infection and oral foci of infection. Basic spot welding exercises 7. Removable functional appliance cases like activator, bionator, functional regulator, twin block and new developments. Cysts, and tumors of odontogenic origin and fibro-osseous lesions.

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Biochemistry such as osmotic pressure, electrolytic dissociation, oxidation, reduction etc. The concerned departments may conduct three tests, two of them be annual tests, one at the end of first year and the other in the second year.

Each post – graduate student should handle around classes.

Basic subjects classes Computer science Use of computers in surgery, components of computer and its use in practiceprinciples of word processing, spreadsheet function database and presentations; the internet and its use. Lectures There shall be some didactic lectures in the specialty and in the allied fields. Handling of equipments like vacuum forming appliances and hydro solder etc First Year: Weekly seminars, journal and case discussions will be conducted in the department on rotation basis for guidelnies PG students.

To be covered as seminars. Such meetings may be held at least once a month. Differential diagnosis of periapical, pericoronal and interradicular radiolucencies.


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Diseases on Paranasal sinuses and TMJ. Orthodontic history, Concepts of occlusion and esthetics, Child and Adult Psychology, Etiology and classification of malocclusion, Dentofacial anomalies, Diagnostic procedures and treatment planning in Orthodontics, Practice management in Orthodontics PaperIII: Submission in time 7.

Slide discussions of the same. Theory – Marks Written examination shall consist of four question papers each of three hours duration. KNOWLEDGE Theoritical, clinical and practical knowledge of all oral mucosal lesions, skeletal involvement of maxillo-facial region, diagnostic procedures pertaining to above and latest information of imaging modules.

Distribution of topics for each paper will be follows: Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous System – Cholinergic system and drugs.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Geriatric endodontics Biologic response of pulp to various restorative materials and operative procedures. Be humble and accept the limitations in knowledge and skill and ask for help from colleagues when needed. Attempts should be made to present two scientific papers, publication of a scientific article in a journal.