Neuromuscular transmission and muscle contraction. Impression of upper and lower arches in alginate Digestive system – Saliva – composition and functions of saliva – Mastication deglutition, digestion, assimilation – Urine formation, normal and abnormal constituents 4. Interaction of social, cultural, economic, genetic and environmental factors and their relevance to management of Oro-facial deformities. Period of Training The course shall be of three years of duration.

Date Title of the article Admission Year: Upper expansion appliance with expansion screw 5. Self assessment picture tests in Pediatric dentistry – Linda Lymphatic drainage of face, neck and oral cavity. Microscope, principles and theories of microscopy.

Composite inlay class 2 Elementary statistical methods — presentation of statistical data, Statistical averages — measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, Normal distribution.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

The number of activities attended and the topics prevented are to be recorded in log book. The certification of satisfactory progress is based on the work dairy and log book. Oral microbiology affecting hard and soft tissues. Applied Basic Sciences I. Lasers in Conservative Dentistry. Drugs for emesis, reflux and digestive disorders. Pulp capping, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification. Oral Pathology and Microbiology Oral Pathology and Microbiology, deals with the nature of oral diseases, processes and effects.


Neoplasia – Classification of tumors – Carcinogenesis and carcinogens – chemical, viral and microbial – Grading and staging of cancers, tumor Angiogenesis, Paraneoplastic syndromes, spread of tumors – Characteristics of benign and malignant tumors 7. Biochemistry such as osmotic pressure, electrolytic dissociation, oxidation, reduction etc. Name of the Trainee: Traumatic reactive lesions of oral cavity. Published on Mar 24, Vitamins – Fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins and normal diet.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Intra — oral radiographs with interpretation – 2nd year 1. Periodontal maintenance phase – Supportive periodontal treatment – Results of periodontal treatment IV. Protocol for dissertation to be submitted on or before the end of six months from the date of admission.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Removable functional appliance cases like activator, bionator, functional regulator, twin block and new developments. Ntfuhs of teeth — in relation to deciduous molar, 2nd primary upper and lower molar — one each. In-depth study of indices for dental caries, periodontal diseases and malocclusion.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Contemporary Periodontics – Geneo R. Poor 0 Below Average 1 Signature: Internal examiners shall be from the same college.


Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Internal assessment or term paper. Study model preparation However strict division of guiidelines may not be possible fuidelines some overlapping of topics is inevitable.

The trainee should make presentations from the allotted journals of selected topics. The dissertation shall be referred to the examiners and acceptance of it by the examiners shall be precondition and eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear written examination. Every candidate shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the post graduate guide.


Familiarize with the biochemical, microbiologic and immunologic genetic aspects of periodontal pathology. Management of medically compromised patients with hematologic Disease. Journal of Periodontology 2. Differential diagnosis of periapical, pericoronal and interradicular radiolucencies.