At the time of the case, a plant-wide waste audit had just been completed by an outside contractor in response to the introduction of provincial legislation, referred to as 3R Regulations. In response to rapidly growing customer demand, the vice president of operations, is considering the expansion of either their Chinese or Canadian manufacturing operations. Materials Management; Centralization Difficulty: However, they can also represent a significant investment. Once Navistar receives confirmation from Trimco they can expect to receive the correct trims with the correct design changes.

He said “I sure would be disappointed if we weren’t there” before The program involved 5 designers, each lending their artistic talents to customize 5 different vehicles. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Statistical Analysis; Quality Control Difficulty: Caterpillar was expected to authorize test runs of two new products soon; however, the annual production volumes were very uncertain. The production, cost and market data supplied permit the students to explore the necessity and implications of changing production batch sizes on these competing priorities. As an avid proponent of the Toyota production system, just in time manufacturing JIT , ISO , and continuous improvement, he has reduced setup times, batch sizes, and throughput times.

The trim was placed into the cab than the cab placed onto the chassis. Working together with Navistaar and reviewing internal processes will help Navistar rectify the trim shortage issue.

Third, was to improve system-wide inventory turn performance by re-examining the cut-off point for filling the technicians’ trunks with inventory.

navistar case study ivey

Data provided in the case allow students to develop implementation plans and set specific performance targets. Recommend best- selling configuration Stucy the selling data Accurate and detailed Inaccurate and non-detailed 2.

A senior staff member has taken a phone call from one of the firm’s clients asking about why he has not yet received his tax return as promised. Faced with this expansion into Florida, the SVP set about devising an operating plan that would achieve the goals of the Florida expansion without the growing pains of past efforts.


This led to additional start-up costs and customer service problems.

Case Solution for Navistar International

It includes information compiled from benchmark studies conducted by the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies CAPS and provides an insight into gated benchmarking. Health Care Services Issues: As the stores were to be opened in six months, a plan would have cae be finalized soon. Navistar will set up KPI to the supplier to determine quality and performance and will be audited. Alternatively, the plant’s limited resources could focus on meeting the internal needs of one of its partners.

Navistar case study ivey

An Extend simulation file, product 7A96D, is available for this case. Navistar has internal challenges that can be changed to help with the quality and logistics. While this order might provide the ideal opportunity to further upgrade its process technology and capabilities, significant challenges were presented by several critical product characteristics.

Make or Buy Decision; Scheduling Difficulty: In light of these problems, the logistics manager must decide how to respond to a proposal that longer production runs be scheduled.

His focus was very widespread and his day was drawn away from scheduled casse unscheduled meetings; mavistar position required long hours and weekend work.

Case Solution for Navistar International

As a result of this decision, the senior vice-president SVP of operations for BTG was faced with the dilemma of deciding if and when an assembly plant should be built to support these and future Florida retail stores. The changes were proposed to avoid product environmental concerns and to provide savings in raw materials and personnel costs. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The senior staff member has to determine what caused the delay in getting the return done on time, how to resolve the issues surrounding the delay, and how he will respond to the client.


Navistar had forecasted increased industry demand for heavy and medium trucks in Prepared By Thomas K. Jointly they are trying to determine the mix of hunting packages to promote to potential clients. However, the European auto market is threatened with a shakeout.

She must determine the process and develop a spreadsheet model naviatar will provide the results based on data GNP per capita, population, income distribution from the various countries.

navistar case study ivey

The note is intended to address the questions of how much to order the ivry size issue and when to order the reorder point issue. Although Shenzhen had become one of the most advanced garment manufacturing centres in the world, managers in this industry still had few effective ways of dealing with the collective and deliberate slow pace of work by the employees, of motivating workers, and iey resolving the problem between seasonal production requirements and retention of skilled workers.

How about make it original? The company was not being run efficiently and quality control was hindering the performance for Navistar.

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A recent merger of the customer engineering service operation with the dispensing equipment operation has the vice-president of technical service and application engineering looking at applying the lean principles on the equipment operations. With the help of Trimco, Navistar can create a workbook for inspection procedures for incoming kits and Trimco will have a procedure to follow for kits going outbound.

How about receiving a customized one? Currie, Giorgio Sinkovic Product Number: A part-time workforce, working with high volumes and tight deadlines, may be part of the problem.

navistar case study ivey