Tongue in health and disease. Impression of upper and lower arches in alginate These are to be achieved by the time the candidate completes the course. Excretory system – Structure, function of kidney and regulation of micturition. Type of activity specify seminar journal club, presentation, UG teaching Particulars Table — 2 Academic presentation made by the trainees Admission year: Every candidate should be required to participate in the teaching and training program of undergraduate students. Fluoride in Dentistry — Fejerskov, Ekstrand and Burt

Identify social, economic, environmental and emotional determinants in a given case or community and take them into account for planning and execution at individual and community level. Antidepressent and antianxiety drugs. Develop communication skills in maintaining rapport with patient and to obtain true informed consent from the patient. Management of special children. Written Examination The written examination consists of four papers. Class-I malocclusion with crowding. Journal of periodontal Research 4.

Surgical exposure dissertatioj unerupted teeth, surgical repositioning of partially erupted teeth. We want you to feel safe and confident when you decide to purchase essays online at BuyEssay.

Mixed dentition analysis — 1 case. University Examination There shall be one examination at the end of three years. The teaching and learning activities in each specialty are: However strict division of ntduhs may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable.


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Date Title of the article Admission Year: Two — day P. Fiber post systems Sex differentiation, and sex hormones. Journal of American College of Dentists Programmes 02 01 01 ii Camps etc.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Willingness to share the knowledge and clinical experience with professional colleagues. Removable active appliances – 5cases ii.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Mycology – General properties of fungi, classification bases on disease, superficial, subcutaneous, deep opportunistic infections. Distribution of topics for dsisertation paper will be as follows. Multidisciplinary approach to Endodontic situations.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry. Shall develop knowledge and skill in the science and practice of oral implantology. Oral microbiology affecting hard and soft tissues. Clinical pediatric dentistry procedures including restoration of decayed teeth with different restorative materials etc.

Journal of Indian Society of Periodontics 6.


Digestive system – General structure of GI tract and innervations. Physical and chemical injuries, allergic and immunological diseases.

Healing of oral wounds. Diseases of pulp and sequel of pulpitis.

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The supplementary examinations are held within six months of the main examination every year. Principles of evidence based surgery – understanding journal based literature study; the idssertation of textbook, reference book articles, value of review articles; original articles and their critical assessment, understanding dissertatioon value of retrospective, prospective, randomized control and blinded studies, understanding the principles and the meaning of various Bio-statistical tests applied in these studies.


Basic sciences relevant to the practice of Orthodontics. Review of the basic sciences, basic pediatric dentistry techniques and materials used by means of theoretical exposure, discussions and seminars.

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Performance of behavioral rating scales and I. Microtome and principles of microtomy. Specialized extra oral techniques.

General consideration of the structure and function of brain and applied anatomy of intracranial venous sinuses, cavernous sinus and superior sagital sinus, brief consideration of autonomous nervous system of head and neck, functional anatomy of mastication, deglutition, speech, respiration and circulation.

Factors controlling X – ray beam, interaction x — rays with matter. X — ray films and properties, intensifying screens and grids. Interest in the subject Understanding of the topic Principles 3.