Contents of a contract of employment. For example, if you are applying for a job with flexible hours and lots of traveling, tell them you’re single and love to travel if it’s true! If you fall ill. You can also contact the employer and ask for more information if you have a question that the advertisement does not answer. The Finnish education system. After your interview, the employer will contact you to let you know if you have been selected for the job.

Do you have a question related to employment in Sweden? Popular articles Twelve unmissable outdoor bars and restaurants in Stockholm How Sweden got some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world What’s the difference between being a resident and a citizen in Sweden? The desired salary must not be too high but not too low either. If you’re looking for a job in Sweden, when should a CV be written in Swedish and when should it be in English? Europass portal available in Serbian The Serbian version of the Europass website is now online Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

Your contact information should always be included at the top of the first page. After education and work experience, add more personal information which svenwkt show what kind of person you are and anything that might appeal to them depending on what they are looking for. Residence permit for a child or parent. Depending on the field and type of position, you may attend several interviews or complete a test.


More information is available on the InfoFinland web page Testimonial of service.

The term is often used when one works abroad for a certain period. What is a family? When you start a new job, submit a tax card to the employer. Thank you for your feedback! Education in the Ylivieska Region.

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Senskt Development Manager – Germany. The “Curriculum Vitae” CV or “resume” is where your work and other relevant experience is laid out in a more outline-type form. Recognition of foreign diplomas and degrees Job hunting is easier if you sgenskt how a degree or diploma gained abroad corresponds to a Finnish one.

In seeking employment, it is useful to recognise your competence. It’s never wrong to boast but make sure that it’s about situations that are relevant to your potential employer.

curriculum vitae svenskt

A job application is usually a little under one page long. Terminating a common-law relationship.

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Should you write your date of birth and marital status? Name and contact information — Address, e-mail address, telephone number.


A good CV generally contains the same kind of thing. Living as an immigrant in Siikajoki. Where in Sweden would you rather live? As an immigrant in Helsinki.

Under this section you can also include courses, seminars, congresses or conferences that are relevant in relation to the position. Finnish and Swedish in the Ylivieska Region. Think also about what you would like to ask the employer. Which ones and what is your level: Some fields may require other types of documents or samples of work, such as a portfolio or certification.

curriculum vitae svenskt

How much should you show off? Sexual health and contraception. Send an email with your question to news thelocal.

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