I ate lunch at the usual table. They can’t help it though I went to sleep at 1: The moon was high and the night was black. Phinny raised his eyebrows at me.

Hilary Darling and shyly ask her to sign my anthology. Which sounds corny but whatever. Special shout out to RAs Kay and Ramona as well. CSSSA taught me how to get my work done even with the temptation of pushing it aside. Are there some rising seniors as well? At one point I started crying again but exchanged more hugs with people.

I know they are both strong programs.

CSSSA Experience

Chicken tenders awesome and French fries not as good as the ones from the other night but still pretty good.

You know, that back corner of the room? That is, unless you authored the Dick and Jane books. Phinny also said that certain colleges looked good to Hollywood people and those colleges were things like UCLA my dream college!

After that we had a break and did this apparently new thing Alex made up called Literary Death Matches and mentioned he had never done this with his other classes.

csssa creative writing experience

I was puzzled for a sec. I went back to my room because my phone was about to die and was surprised when Sofia came in. My favorite performance was of this band called Celine and the CSSSA Sweeties and there were three guitarists, a pianist, a sax player, a percussionist, and the singer.


First day of nonfiction! Also I can confirm that Zay Amsbury is a rad rad guy. I then walked back out in the hallway where I had more people sign my anthology book.

I sat in my room and ate the donut I snagged last night at Tatum. All of those are so hard.

It had a bunch of documents and a student handbook in it. Have fun if you remember this, say hi to the teachers for me hah!

I checked to see if my mark was still there it was! It was meatloaf today which was pretty good. I felt the same way last year and I was worried about being the worst writer in the program. These might include creating a play, writing group poems, or working together writign tell stories from their lives.

csssa creative writing experience

Something about it seemed so final though. I earned a couple of weirded out stares. Of course I barely worked in it. I was so tired and got out of bed at 8: Somehow I was a bit queasy though. I lived in a dorm room with three different girls who became my best friends throughout the course.



Log in No account? Kristen Tracey – For showing me to new ways of fiction and to care for my character. I reached the dorms and put my things away to go grab dinner with the others. If you’re looking for artistic clarity, don’t expect the creative writing department to hand it to you. I know it’s really up to me in the end, but I’d like as much information as possible before I make my decision.

my csssa experience

Four more days guys. At the same time, I want to be a director I know, really ambitious for a movie, whether mainstream or alternative. Phinny called my name and cue thunderous applause. On her floor I met Xiomara and she said she was about to leave.

I ate the meatloaf, one bite of this strange Oreo cake, and a brownie. Would you say that more of the work was technical because of the hands-on kind of experience with actual materials?