Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. Besides that, the respondents are slightly agreed that Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. This stage form the central part of this research activity. Malaysia Poultry and Products Annual. The logic is on the Halal concept itself that promotes qualities of safety, healthy, hygienic, and environmentally friendly, and these are appealing to every consumer not only to the Muslims but also the non-Muslims The Halal Jounal, Market Commitment strategy KFC are recommended to continue maintaining or increase their strong study in case food industry.

An effective sampling plan has been devised and the relative effectiveness of various methods of collecting data has been evaluated. Questions were further developed in the form of multiple-choice questions. Conversely, advertising is of the promotional tools that can be utilized in dispersing information to the consumers. By , the market is expected to reach USD51 billion. Available online at www.

The Halal Journal, May-June,pg Ayamas Port Klang plant ayamzs its full operations in and in November 19,the company had changed its name to Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn.

ayamas case study

It means that the company able to carry its business well. This figure rose to USD JAKIM as a recognized Halal certification body in Malaysia will inculcate a strong confidence towards the consumers in selecting Ayamas products.

These characteristics represent the product quality that is being expected towards the halal products made available in the market. The Halal Journal, pp.

ayamas case study

Quality has a direct impact on product or service performance. It is recommended that the company should put on more effort in their marketing strategies in order to promote ayaas products.

Due to this reason, the company should increase the awareness through their marketing efforts. The raw will be analyzed using descriptive statistic to look at the respondent profiles. Affective Attitude In a consumer behavior context Schiffman and Kanuk,an attitude is defined as a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way with respect to a given object and affective attitude is one of the components in attitude.


Acquiring strong brand name will be an advantage for the company in terms of their corporate image especially in the Halal food industry.

Ayamas case study

Then, most of the respondents also agreed that the company practices good corporate social responsibility CSR. It supported by the mean value of 4. Survey Instrument Questionnaire In the research, the questionnaire is structures and funneled, beginning with general question about the respondents personal data.

ayamas case study

Complying with the Halal requirements especially those regulated by JAKIM will assists not only towards amplify positive perception but also embedding confidence towards both the company and also the products that Ayamas offer.

On the other hand, Lamb, Hair and McDaniels highlighted that either internal information search or external information search, or even both types information search may occur during the process of information searching by the consumer. Corporate brand image, satisfaction and store loyalty: Satisfaction and dissatisfaction of casf is influenced by prior expectations that consumers have already in mind towards the level of quality. The company will continue to case the image ayamas its products while emphasising value and quality.

Ayamas case study

Conceptualizing,measuring and managing customer based equity. The primary function was to supply quality, nine-piece cut chicken and chicken based products to KFC outlets in Malaysia.

The result shows aysmas 5.

These promising and burgeoning opportunities should be captured by players in the food industry to broaden their market share globally. Most of the respondents agreed that Ayamas product label influence their behavior in selecting Ayamas Halal products.


The last to analyze data using the multiple regression analysis, the coefficient of determination, r2, measures the part of total variance dependent variable that is accounted for by knowing the values of independent variables. Quality consistency, on the other hand, talks about the conformance quality where products are free from defects and consistent in delivering the targeted level of performance. Customer loyalty and complex services: The various recognitions accorded to Ayamas over the years bear testimony to this dedication.

Stusy of Information In the Halal industry, the channel of communication is relying both on personal communication and non personal communication.

The logic is on the Halal concept itself that promotes qualities of safety, healthy, hygienic, and environmentally friendly, and these are appealing to every consumer not only to the Muslims but also the non-Muslims The Halal Jounal, This issue can be viewed as an case for further study. On the other hand, corporate image in the marketing literature was early identified as an important factor in the overall evaluation of the product and the company.

The mean value of 5. The respondents feel that the products are fit for the consumption. Thus, it is essential for companies to formulate their marketing strategies by giving a crux in understanding the consumer behavior in selecting Halal product.